How To Hold A Horse For The Farrier

Learn which side of the horse you should stand on when holding the horse for the farrier, how to prevent a horse from biting, how to pick up a leg and how to clean out a horse’s feet.

The Expert | James Balfe

James Balfe is a farrier with over 40 years’ experience in the thoroughbred industry. 

Originally from County Mayo in the western part of Ireland, Balfe first came to Australia in 1996 to work for Coolmore. He now calls Australia home. 

Together with Sarah Wills, Balfe breeds thoroughbreds for racing and Connemara ponies for jumping and performance sports at their stud Killeenfarna Connemara In Scone, New South Wales.
"You learn something new every day that you work with horses."
Many thanks to our experts for sharing their methods of working with horses. Every farm will do things differently but remember, horses are individuals and you might use the knowledge you learn today to help a horse in the future.
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