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Why learn with TBA Learning?

The Australian thoroughbred breeding industry has long been regarded as the leader in horse care and welfare.

Horse people from all over the world come to Australia to work in this great industry. They come to help breed some of the fastest horses on earth and they come because they love the horse.

At TBA Learning, equine experts will share with you knowledge that they’ve learned from a lifetime of working with thoroughbreds.

TBA Learning courses are for people who are in the industry, people who want to join the industry and anyone who wants to learn the basic skills and knowledge required to breed and raise happy, healthy and fast horses.

TBA Courses are led by industry experts and focus on the skills needed to work on a thoroughbred breeding farm. This platform was developed with funding from the AgriFutures Thoroughbred Levy.

Read, Watch, Listen & Learn

TBA Learning caters to all types of learners. Every course includes written instructions, explanatory podcasts and how-to videos. Our courses tell you the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ so that you can become the best horse person you can be.
Self-Paced Learning with Certificates
Test your existing skills and learn new ones. Our courses have been developed so you can do 15 - 30 minute chunks of learning and gain a Certificate Of Completion.  You can choose to learn about a single topic or complete a short course.
Industry Expert Instructors

Learn from thoroughbred breeding industry experts. Our experts are passionate about training the next generation of horse people.
They share with you the small details that lead to excellent horse and human welfare and productivity on farms.

Free Courses

The Australian thoroughbred breeding industry is proud to offer courses free of charge to anyone interested in improving their knowledge of horses and their handling skills.

How do I start learning?

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TBA Courses

TBA Modules

Courses for Horse People

TBA Learning Courses are for all horse people, not just those working in the thoroughbred industry.
Do you already work in the industry?
Assess your current level of horsemanship, horse handling skills and knowledge of horse health.
Do you want to work in the industry?
Learn the foundations of horsemanship, horse handling skills and horse care.
Do you love to learn?
Gain a Certificate of Completion to show that you're actively learning skills to better your horsemanship.
Do you enjoy horses on weekends?
Improve your horsemanship by learning how experts in the thoroughbred breeding industry do their daily jobs.
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